Dancing in Costa Rica Retreat

"I have had the amazing good fortune to experience two international Nia retreats co-led by Courtney. Once in Mexico and once in Guatemala. Each experience provided unique nourishment for my soul. Courtney brought her vivacious energy, open heart and radiant presence to the dance floor with every beat.
Spending time with an amazing group of people, Courtney helped facilitate a sacred space where we could all feel safe and free to step into our joyful warrior selves.
I so appreciate the focus and intent Courtney and our other teacher set every day to encourage us to access our truth and experience it in a somatic way. And it wasn’t just dancing! Writing, drawing, partner exercises delicious food, swimming, hammock lounging and fun excursions.
A retreat with Courtney is one you will treasure for a lifetime!" ~ Norie Mozzone / Boston

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"Courtney brought so much joy and spontaneity to our retreat that I just had to say something: Courtney always gave 110% to our activities even when bitten by the stomach bug. Her thoughtfulness was evident in the materials she prepared for us like the special rocks she hauled to Guatemala for us and the prayers she had prepared for us.
Each day of our retreat seemed to be planned perfectly and still she wasn’t afraid to change it up if needed.
Courtney is so full of love and caring it just spilled out and all over us. Super fun NIA teacher! She’s both a leader and a joiner whichever serves the group best at the moment. I'd jump on a plane with Courtney for a Dance Retreat again in a heartbeat!" ~ Clint Gilbert, San Francisco