“Faithful to the Body” by Debbie Rosas

One can live a healthy life that is faithful to the body. The geometries of the body, its design, its form, show us the way. The voice of the body, sensation, leads the way. Full of sense, one can listen to this voice and choose pleasure. Herein lies the key to health. If what you do leaves you feeling happy, peaceful, revitalized, and better, do it. If what you do leaves you feeling ashamed, worried, anxious, and depleted, don’t do it. Listening to the sensations of pleasure, love, and joy will always lead you onto the right path to health.
I am the Voice of Pleasure, the body’s inner charge. Invisible stimulation, I am the excitation of life force saying “yes”. Perceivable to all living organisms, I am often confined, bound, lying dormant. I help maintain motility, the charge of life needed to thrive and survive. I am not bound by space or time. I am independent, available to all. Honor me, choose me, protect me, for I am the force that vibrates the atoms molecules, cells, organs, tissues, and organism of humanity. Ecstasy is my song. I make being alive a sacred, grand experience. Let me move and sing through you and I will redefine your relationship to living in a body, turning your connection of living into one of love, joy, and sacred brilliance. You can find me moving about under the envelope of skin, the protective blanket filled with nerve endings that signal to you both pain and pleasure. The law of opposites means you can sense great pleasure and great pain. Placing your attention on pleasure is the key to living a long and healthy life. I am the voice inside of you that beckons you to jump with joy. The spontaneous messenger, I encourage you to express what gives you pleasure.
You cannot fool me. I know when you are feeling true pleasure. The energy field around you changes, blanketing you in the intense color blue, a result of the expansion of your “aura,” and a sign that you are one with all that is, and in a state of pleasure. You will know I am in you when you sense an increased rate of orgasmic like pulsations moving through you from forty-to-fifty pulsations per minute. My life-force transports you from earth to the heavens. Fill up your senses with me and I will make sensing, seeing, hearing, touching and smelling a most transformational experience. Slow down, go inward and perceive my presence as deeper breathing, as involuntary vibratory movements of a quiver, a shudder, a shake, a soft, vibrant, buoyant, warm sensation that lets you know this is right. Who am I? I am the dream weaver who lights you up; the one who takes you on a life-ride of endless bliss where waves of pleasure splash over and through you, crashing up against “no” and freeing your sound of “Ah,” “Yes,” “More,” “Again,” “Don’t stop”.
You have been given a great gift – a body, and as a spirit embodied in flesh, like all human beings, you have the ability to choose, seek, increase, and sustain the sensation of pleasure, no matter what is going on in or around your life and the world. Do not contain me, for my energy is needed to heal and connect you with the laws of nature whose rhythms govern all life. Now, in this moment, choose me and you will sense a new body rhythm that, over time, without thinking, will compel you to choose me again and again until the path of pleasure is the way you live. Sink into the deepest roots of me. Touch and breathe pleasure into your body, for now is the time to bring a new rhythmic vibration into life and living in a body.

~by Debbie Rosas July 3, 2014.