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“When the Heart weeps for what it has lost, the spirit laughs for what it has found” ~Sufi Aphorism

As a Community, we honor our tribe; sharing our unique gifts & offerings contributes to the beauty & wellness of our community.




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Massage Therapy: Tony Nigro / 805-714-7226/

Dance Wear: Danceluxe by Janet Tedesco

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"I was first introduced to Courtney over 10 yrs ago through a dear friend and was invited  to a new dance class that sounded amazing and unique. I was at the time going through some serious transitions: divorce, beginning a new life for me and my son. The idea of being a part of a community of women who were also seeking a new spiritual movement was so appealing to me. I was hooked! Courtney provided a safe community in which we supported each other and uplifted our whole being. I cried a lot in the end of many of the sessions, purging and releasing what no longer served me. I found play and joy in Nia! And the women were all there to share the experience and at times held the space for me. I always recommend Nia to all of my friends, as this has truly been one of the best experiences in my life. Courtney, this tribe is amazing and most of that is because of you! " ~ Angelica Nunez, Long Beach


"Courtney brings an extraordinary presence and joyful energy to her Nia classes, workshops, and retreats. It's a pleasure to experience her ability to inspire, uplift, and empower her students.
Courtney is uniquely gifted as a teacher and healer"

"Courtney creates a warm, supportive, peaceful space, which allows a deep healing experience for me, physically and spiritually. I always feel much more calm and centered, with a greater sense of clarity and well-being. After my sessions I often feel the sensation of energy moving more easily and fluidly throughout my body. Courtney has a keen intuitive sense of energetic healing, which has beautifully enhanced my life." ~ Joy Christian/ Huntington Beach

Norie Mozzone

“I have had the amazing good fortune to experience two international Nia retreats co-led by Courtney. Once in Mexico and once in Guatemala. Each experience provided unique nourishment for my soul. Courtney brought her vivacious energy, open heart and radiant presence to the dance floor with every beat.
Spending time with an amazing group of people, Courtney helped facilitate a sacred space where we could all feel safe and free to step into our joyful warrior selves.
I so appreciate the focus and intent Courtney and our other teacher set every day to encourage us to access our truth and experience it in a somatic way. And it wasn’t just dancing! Writing, drawing, partner exercises delicious food, swimming, hammock lounging and fun excursions.
A retreat with Courtney is one you will treasure for a lifetime!” ~ Norie Mozzone/ Boston

Danielle Woermann

“I have had the pleasure of working and collaborating with Courtney for the last few years on three retreats. I am always amazed at her high level of compassion and care for our retreat participants. Her unique approach to developing curriculum and exercises offer students a safe and loving container in which to explore and grow. I highly recommend her classes, workshops and retreats.” ~ Danielle Woermann/ Nia Black Belt Instructor/ San-Francisco & China

Janet Tedesco

“My first introduction to Nia was one Sunday morning at my local gym, Tru 2 Form. I was laboring away on the weights, feeling kind of bored when Courtney started teaching a group of the happiest women I'd seen in a long time.
I had no idea what they were doing, but I loved the music and the sheer joy of the group as well as Courtney. By the end of the hour, I had decided that the next Sunday I'd be there with them. I did, and I've never regretted it!! I am now hooked on Nia, I'm much healthier in many ways and my creative side has re- emerged after a thirty year hiatus. I also have a whole new group of friends in my Nia tribe.
Thanks to Courtney, I now go to at least two classes a week, dance at home to Nia DVDs and have my White Belt. I'm totally hooked on Nia. Thanks Courtney... You changed my life!!” ~ Janet Tedesco/ Seal Beach

Nia at 4Girls

“Nia is a core component activity at the 4GIRLS empowerment workshop and it is the perfect tool to allow the middle school girls to express themselves in their own individual, beautiful and powerful style. Nia is consistently rated as the number one activity enjoyed by the girls at the workshop. Angelica, who attend the workshop said, "I learned today how powerful dancing could be and how it affects individuals." Sofia said, "what I learned about myself today was that I have the courage to dance!" Jessica said, "what I learned about myself is that I shouldn't be afraid how others think about how I dance or sing; if I like it, I can do it." Courtney is a fantastic instructor and person, her passion of Nia profoundly touches the girls and adults who participates in her classes” ~ Claudia Copley/ Long Beach/ CEO of 4Girls.

Hedy Popson

"Courtney is amazing- be prepared for a joyous soul searching journey while connecting to your inner spirit and true dance. A wonderful teacher and a beautiful soul, Courtney's classes and retreats connect you to your true self- you will leave lighter and brighter."

“I had the pleasure of going on retreat with Courtney to Guatemala. The week was filled with inner soul work and beautiful dance. Courtney is an amazing teacher and her preparedness and connectedness with the classes each day made for a retreat that truly changed me. She is intuitive and gifted in her spirit coaching and her Nia classes offer so much depth. The week long journey allowed for growth and a safe place to challenge ourselves on our current path. I left with a whole new sense of self and lifelong new friends."

~ Hedy Popson/ Long Beach

Clint Gilbert

“Courtney brought so much joy and spontaneity to our retreat and always gave 110% to our activities! Her thoughtfulness was evident in the materials she prepared for us like the special rocks she hauled to Guatemala for us and the prayers she had prepared for us. Each day of our retreat seemed to be planned perfectly and still she wasn’t afraid to change it up if needed.
Courtney is so full of love and caring it just spilled out and all over us.
Super fun NIA teacher!
She’s both a leader and a joiner whichever serves the group best at the moment.
I'd jump on a plane with Courtney for a Dance Retreat again in a heartbeat!” ~ Clint Gilbert: San Francisco